Jérôme Plain, Renaud Bachelot, Pascal Royer, Xinhua Zeng, Safi Jradi,
Method for manufacturing a network of microlenses at the ends of a bundle of optical fibres, related optical fibres and related use
Numéro US20130202263 A1, PCT/FR2011/050593, publication 8 août 2013
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The present disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing end microlenses of individual optical fibres which are part of a bundle or a multi-core fibre, including depositing a drop of a photopolymerisable solution on a first end of the bundle; adapting the size of the drop; applying light centred on a predetermined wavelength onto a second end of the bundle in order to selectively polymerise the drop; rinsing the first end using a methanol solution in order to obtain a network of individual optical fibres, each one of which is provided with a microlens at the first end of the multi-core fibre, the microlenses being physically separated from one another. The disclosure additionally relates to a bundle of microlensed fibres obtained by the method, as well as to the use of such a bundle, for example in medical or multiplexed imaging and/or in the coupling of optical fibres.