Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. David Legrand, Loïc Le Cunff, Aurélien Bruyant, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Zhen Liu, Bay Kang Tay, Thomas Maurer, and Renaud Bachelot,
    Surface plasmons in suspended graphene: launching with in-plane gold nanoantenna and propagation properties.
    Optics Express 25(15), 17306–17321.
  2. Mohamed Haggui, Montacer Dridi, Jérôme Plain, Sylvie Marguet, Henri Perez, George C. Schatz, Gary P. Wiederrecht, Stephen K. Gray, and Renaud Bachelot,
    Spatial Confinement of electromagnetic hot and cold spots in gold nanocubes.
    ACS Nano 6(2), 1299–1307.
    ACS, 2012.

Invited conference talks

  1. Jerome Plain, Stephen K. Gray, Gary P. Wiederrecht, and Renaud Bachelot,
    Probing complex plasmonic fields with molecular nanomotors.
    Nanoplasm 2016 - Frontiers in Plasmonics and NanoOptics. 13-17 Juin 2016, Cetraro, Italie.