Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard, Mathieu Guerain, Philippe Goudeau, Guillaume Geandier, Benoît Panicaud, Nobumichi Tamura, Martin Kunz, Catherine Dejoie, Jean-Sébastien Micha,
    Relationship between residual stresses and damaging in thermally grown oxide on metals: Raman spectroscopy and synchrotron microdiffraction contributions.
    Advances in Science and Technology 91, 100–107.
    Trans Tech Publications, 2014.
  2. Yuchen Zhao, Carl Labergère, Benoît Panicaud, Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard, Philippe Goudeau,
    Modeling of stress and strain fields induced during the Smart-Cut process on silicon. Influence of different couplings for diffusion of hydrogen at a microscopic scale.
    Advanced Materials Research 996, 707–712.
    Trans Tech Publications, 2014.
  3. Mathieu Guérain, Philippe Goudeau, Benoît Panicaud, Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard,
    Local stress determination in chromia-former thanks to Micro-Raman Spectroscopy : a way to investigate spontaneous delamination processes.
    Journal of Applied Physics 113, 063502.
    AIP Publishing, 2013.
  4. Benoît Panicaud, Delphine Retraint, Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard, Li Li, Mathieu Guérain, Philippe Goudeau, Nobumichi Tamura, Martin Kunz,
    Experimental and numerical study of the effects of a nanocrystallisation treatment on high-temperature oxidation of a zirconium alloy.
    Corrosion Science 60, 224–230.
    Elsevier, 2012.

Conference talks with no proceedings

  1. Felaniaina Rakotovao, Zhaojun Tao, Benoit Panicaud, Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard, Patrick Girault, Gilles Bonnet, Guillaume Geandier, Pierre-Olivier Renault, Philippe Goudeau, Nathalie Boudet, Nils Blanc, Henry Vitoux, Bernard Gorges,
    Viscoplasticbehaviour of thermally grown oxide obtained by synchrotron radiation diffraction.
    Colloque on Metallurgy at the Mines School of Saint Etienne.

Conference posters

  1. Zhaojun Tao, Felaniaina Rakotovao, Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard, Benoit Panicaud, Guillaume Geandier, Pierre-Olivier Renault, Philippe Goudeau, Nathalie Boudet, Nils Blanc, ,
    Modelling of the Mechanical Behaviour of a Chromia Forming Alloy Under Thermal Loading.
    9th International Symposium on High-Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials (HTPCM2016), 15-20 May 2016, Les Embiez, France.