Johnny Moughames, Safi Jradi, Tieh-Ming Chan, Suzanna Akil, Yann Battie, Aotmane En Naciri, Ziad Herro, Sébastien Guenneau, Stefan Enoch, Aurélien Bruyant,
Direct laser writing of thick metamaterial blocks: Infrared light concentrators
9th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics – Metamaterials 2015, Oxford, UK, September 7-12
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We present mid-IR light concentrators based on a microstructured polymer film. The polymer thick film is microstructured as such to fine tune the effective refractive index profile throughout the polymer surface in order to efficiently focus light. Herein, we present simulated and experimental demonstration of the photonic design for a mid-IR light concentrator operating at a wavelength of 10 μm. FDTD simulations were realized in order to determine optimum structure parameters. On the other hand, experimental measurements realized on microstructured polymer thick films show good agreement with FDTD simulations and reveal a strong focusing of light. Such structures can be integrated on IR detectors to reduce its volume and thus increase their signal-to-noise ratio.