Tian Yang, Moez Esseghir, Lyes Khoukhi,
An Evolutionary Game Approach Towards Energy-Activated Cooperative Spectrum Sensing
88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Fall),Chicago, USA, 27-30, August 2018
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Spectrum sensing is a cognitive radio technique which distributes the unused spectrum hole of primary users (PU) to secondary users (SU). This technique can remarkably improve the efficiency of spectrum resources. However, spectrum waste of SUs is caused by the inconsistency of information exchanged between sender and receiver, notably the false alarm. In this paper, a false-alarm based energy control scheme is proposed to convert more energy into higher transmission rate of SUs at a high false alarm probability; otherwise, when more sensing cost is spent on SUs, the sensing process turns to be accurate enough and SUs stay quiet to avoid collision if a PU is detected occupied. An activation function is proposed to dynamically control the ON/OFF state of SUs according to the false alarm probability. Simulation results show that by using our energy activation scheme, SUs tend to contribute more, and in return obtain more gains at high false alarm risk. In this way, energy can be utilized more efficiently.