Aurélien Bruyant, Julien Vaillant, Abeer Al Mohtar,
Electronic method for extracting the amplitude and phase of a signal in a synchronous detector and application thereof in interferometric circuits
US 20150070704 A1
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The invention concerns an electronic method for extracting the amplitude ES and the phase φS of an electrical signal in a synchronous detector, the signal containing a modulated part Imod of the form Imod∝ES f(t)*cos(φS−φR(t)), where φR(t) and f(t) are two known temporal modulation functions. The method comprises the following steps: multiplying the signal by two reference signals C(t) and S(t) constructed from φR(t) and f(t); integrating the resulting signals over a time tint; determining the amplitude and phase of said signal from the quantities X and Y resulting from the previous integrations. The method is characterised in that: said electrical signal is multiplied by C(t) and S(t) that can be decomposed on the same set of frequencies as those present in Imod. The invention also concerns the application of the above method in interferometric circuits and the use and execution of the above method.