Santiago PEREZ, Heather ROGERS, Aodhen NEWSHOLME,
Challenging Assumptions About How the Transition to a Circular Economy Might Help or Hinder Prosperity
Ecocity World Summit 2019
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3 hour workshop at the Ecocity World Summit 2019: Circular Economy (CE) strategies are being developed across the globe in an effort to find creative solutions which support sustainable economic, environmental, cultural and social goals simultaneously. Through co-creation and participatory processes, participants in this workshop will critically examine case study examples of innovative CE initiatives, while exploring the concept of prosperity and their personal and professional positioning to affect change. What does it mean to be prosperous? Can prosperity lead us to social and environmental justice? How is CE affecting our current practices towards prosperity? We invite you to join us for an afternoon of engaging with big questions, being inspired by stories, challenging assumptions, and exploring personal capacity. This workshop will be facilitated by three academics practicing in the field of interdisciplinary CE research, who each bring a unique perspective to the topic.