Ahmed Seffah, Jean-Pierre Cahier, Aurélien Bénel,
Thinking Global Acting Local: A Human-Centric Pattern to Designing Information-Intensive Services for Global Crisis Management
Proceedings of the 8th international conference on information systems for crisis response and management (ISCRAM)
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Information-intensive services design for global crisis situations management requires attention and awareness to both local and global information. Local decisions can no longer be based on local information only. A global picture is required to be able to make informed and reliable local decisions. For example, in designing a service to coordinate efforts in a snowstorm affecting several neighborhood countries, each country needs to understand how such an event is treated in the other country. It takes also to know how the local decisions one country may take will affect the others. Indeed, each country, city or community needs the whole picture and the key facts in managing the situation in their local area. To analyze which and how global and local information are mixed in the decision making process, we should provide a mechanism or an approach to identify and extract the relevant information needed and to use them in the local decision-making process. In this paper, we introduce a novel design pattern to face the challenge of making informed local decisions based on both global and local information. We also provide two real life examples that illustrate the needs and the use of the proposed design pattern.