Jean-Pierre Cahier, Nour El Mawas, Aurélien Bénel, Chao Zhou,
Web 2.0 & Serious Game: Structuring knowledge for participative and educative representations of the City
Proceedings of the International Conference on Smart and Sustainable City
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We propose a methodological and technical solution to make the space of the game massively "participative", at the scale of a city or of a territory. Such a space has to propose rich functions allowing not only to confront multiple players using the existing objects of this space, but also to co-design the space of the game. Co-building of the scenes, discussing of the rules are possible for a wide group. In the future local partners of a given city will be able to add easily scenes, elements of scenes and micro-games transposing appropriate sustainability situations for their city by forms of rapid prototyping, without having to pass by the computer specialists. The space of the game will be indeed "participative" at the same time for players and designers groups. With the appropriate knowledge models and participation architectures of the Social Semantic Web that we propose, a powerful and semiotic mapping of the items in the gaming situations is made possible at a large scale. As a consequence, participants can more easily interact and learn with items and rules. Such architectures should allow a broader participation to the game design: rather than encouraging isolation of participants in virtual worlds making reality further away, this could encourage them, on the contrary, to become more implied in the social and ecological "real world”" toward augmented citizenship and responsibility.