Sabrina Brullot, Nicolas Buclet,
How to implement Industrial Symbiosis in France?
15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, 5 – 7 July 2009, Utrecht ,Netherlands
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Many programs aiming at implementing industrial ecology have been developed all over the world. However, only few by-products exchanges became operational. Applications that aim at rounding up material and energy flows between companies located in the same area are more often potential than real. This fact is especially true in France where industrial ecology implementation is really weak. To improve it, we will present a decision-making tool called STRATIS (STRATegy for Industrial Symbiosis) in this paper. Before developing this tool, we surveyed a critical analysis of methodological propositions and recommendations used in industrial ecology projects. Thanks to this review, we can show that existing tools and methods are not adapted to local or/and national conditions of a specific territory. Lessons from a successful strategy used in one project cannot be transferred in another area where the context is different. This paper aims at describing our decision-making tool that indicates what the best procedure is to achieve an industrial symbiosis according to the French territorial economical, political, social and organizational context. Our tool is composed of four iterative steps: local diagnosis achievement, definition of the best strategy according to the local diagnosis, project achievement, success assessment. Within the framework of future works, we would like to improve industrial symbiosis implementation in France and in other developed countries creating a software tool based on our methodology.