Amina Saoutal, Nada Matta, Jean-Pierre Cahier,
Cooperative System Supporting Awareness in Crisis Management
The COOP 2014 Doctoral Colloquium
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Successful crisis management depends on collaboration between different emergency actors and involved organizations; it also relies on making a good decision in a short time. Therefore, it requires mutual awareness and information communicated at the right time. Considering the multitude of organizations involved in a crisis (professionals, volunteers...) and the differences of services ‘culture, each unit has its objective and priority, as well as its terminology to communicate messages. This makes it harder for actors from different units on the field to communicate and exchange information, with the result, insufficient mutual awareness about other actors’ activities. In order to enhance awareness between emergency services, we will propose an approach for cooperative system. For that, we aim to study at first the activity and the communication in inter-organizational crisis management, to more understand the problems encountered in information sharing and which prevent them from achieving their goals