Thomas Maurer, Rana Nicolas, Gaëtan Lévêque, Palan Subramanian, Julien Proust, Jérémie Béal, Silvère Schuermans, Jean-Pierre Vilcot, Ziad Herro, Michel Kazan, Jérôme Plain, Rabah Boukherroub, Abdellatif Akjouj, Bahram Djafari-Rouhani, Pierre-Michel Adam, Sabine Szunerits,
Enhancing LSPR Sensitivity of Au Gratings through Graphene Coupling to Au Film
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A particular interesting plasmonic system is that of metallic nanostructures interacting with metal films. As the LSPR behavior of gold nanostructures (Au NPs) on the top of a gold thin film is exquisitely sensitive to the spacer distance of the film-Au NPs, we investigate in the present work the influence of a few-layered graphene spacer on the LSPR behavior of the NPs. The idea is to evidence the role of few-layered graphene as one of the thinnest possible spacer. We first show that the coupling to the Au film induces a strong lowering at around 507nm and sharpening of the main LSPR of the Au NPs. Moreover, a blue shift in the main LSP resonance of about 13 nm is observed in the presence of a few-layered graphene spacer when compared to the case where gold nanostructures are directly linked to a gold thin film. Numerical simulations suggest that this LSP mode is dipolar and that the hot spots of the electric field are pushed to the top corners of the NPs, which makes it very sensitive to surrounding medium optical index changes and thus appealing for sensing applications. A figure of merit (FoM) of such a system (gold/graphene/ Au NPs) is 2.8, as compared to 2.1 for gold/Au NPs either a 33% sensitivity gain and opens up new sensing strategies.