Karine Lan Hing Ting, Ines Di Loreto, Frédérique Champigny,
Projet SmartArt - Livrable de la Phase 1 : Analyse de l'étude des besoins et création du cahier des charges
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The main research questions of the SmartArt project concern the social inclusion of visually impaired people and the emotional relationship with art works. The hypothesis is that a key element of the relationship with art, regardless of visual capabilities, is the emotional resonance of the piece of art with the soul. The objective of the project is the design and organization of an exhibition and an animation program aimed at translating the visual emotion of the artwork into tactile emotion, adapted to the needs of the visually impaired, but which would appeal to everyone. This deliverable presents the research carried out by the team of the University of Technology of Troyes with the SAVS Michel Fandre between January and June 2017. It presents the needs analysis - the approach, the methods used and the results - formalizes the main findings of this research, as well as the specifications for the future exhibition, which will be the culmination of the SmartArt project, and will be held at the Musée de l'Ardenne from June to September 2018.