Jean-Pierre Cahier, Patrick Brébion, Pascal Salembier, Julie Gobert,
Viewpoints-based method and tools in territorial participatory design
12th European IFSA Symposium, Track 4.3 « ICT to help on participatory approaches for the agroecological transition of agriculture » Harper Adams University, UK, 12 - 15 July 2016
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture (Elsevier)
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As a part of the Tatabox project exploring ways to define and locally experiment « transition to Territorial AgroEcological System » (tTAES), researchers and rural stakeholders (policymakers and farmers) organized territorial participatory design (TPD) workshops. Such TPD are especially challenging since actors projecting their activity into the future confront many viewpoints or controversial dimensions (farming systems, natural resources, food–chain…). To facilitate multi-viewpoints TPD, we propose a multi-ViewPoints model for both organization and knowledge purposes. It allows for adequate organization of TPD activities and agendas ; it also supports knowledge sharing, capitalizing, annotating and category-building with respect to the plurality of semantics of the TPD actors. It is presently experienced by rural actors in face-to-face meetings using classical maps and paper devices. In this paper we demonstrate and propose guidelines for Viewpoint-based software tools supporting meeting recording, annotation, information retrievial, cross-viewpoints visualization all along the TPD process.