Karine Lan Hing Ting,
Usability evaluation results of PaeLife. Deliverable of the AAL PaeLife project
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This deliverable is part of WP6 which is dedicated to the evaluation of AALFred. The objective of the task reported in this deliverable is to test the system in home environments with members of the target group. The focus is on long term usability and user experience aspects and the interaction functions of the developed software and hardware. The evaluation of AALFred has different objectives. First, we want to receive user feedback to be able to deliver the product optimally supporting the users’ needs. In addition, we aim to understand why end-users like or dislike some of the features, to broaden the scope of results. It will allow to understand the acceptability of this kind of AAL product. Finally, we would like to understand how social interactions are taking place through AALFred to understand the key factors of this kind of product. This final report describes the situation after the roll-out of the system: 1. How the technology was introduced to the participants. 2. How the deployment of the system occurred. 3. What types of data were collected and how.