Salam Ali, Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Alexandre Durupt,
Matching algorithm in the Reverse Engineering context
Proceedings of Joint Conference on Mechanical, Design Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing
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The paper presents a reverse engineering approach to directly obtain a CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning) model of an existing part from 3D information. Our method avoids the passage by the CAD model; since in the literature there exist only systems that efficient to quickly obtain CAD model from 3D information and then define the process planning from this CAD model. This paper is based on routine tasks. The concept is to reuse the CAPP model of a re-engineered part which is stored in the database and that to re-engineer a given query part. To apply this concept, we used the matching method between two connectivity graphs and that to associate the surface precedence graph of a part in the database to the query part. The important aspects of our methodology, defining a connectivity graph of a part and matching two connectivity graphs, have been developed in this paper.