Micael Carreira, Karine Lan Hing Ting, Petra Csobanka, Daniel Gonçalves,
Evaluation of In-air hand gestures interaction for older people
Universal Access in the Information Society, UAIS 2016
Springer Verlag
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In-air gestural interfaces are gaining popu- larity due to the increasing availability and low cost of gesture recognition hardware. However, current lit- erature mainly focus either on the young adult user group or, when focusing on older people, most studies limit the focus to physical activity or gaming contexts. The suitability of in-air gestural interactions for seniors to control graphical user interfaces in general remains largely unknown. Moreover, since gestural interfaces are considered easy and natural to use, they may represent an advantageous interaction modality for older people. In this study we evaluate the usability of in-air hand gestures for seniors to interact with generic graphical user interfaces. We conducted a user study with 40 par- ticipants, where we evaluated two types of tasks: nav- igation and selection. For each task, we evaluated two alternative gestures: Swipe and Grab and Drag for navi- gation tasks; Point and Hold and Point and Push for se- lection tasks. We gathered both qualitative and quanti- tative feedback and then systematically compared each alternative gesture. Almost all participants (97%) com- pleted the navigation and selection tasks with at least one gesture, nding this type of interaction enjoyable to use. From our results and observations, we derive a set of design implications that future developers can take into account when developing hand gestural inter- actions for older people.