Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Maria Serena Chiriaco, Elisabetta Primiceri, Eliana D'amone, Rodica Eléna Ionescu, Ross Rinaldi , Giuseppe Maruccio,
    EIS microfluidic chips for flow immunoassay and ultrasensitive cholera toxin detection.
    Lab-on-chip 11(4), 658–663.
  2. Elisabetta Primiceri, Maria Serena Chriaco, Eliana D'amone, Emanuela Urso, Rodica Eléna Ionescu, Antonia Rizzello, Michele Maffia, Roberto Cingolani, Ross Rinaldi, Giuseppe Maruccio,
    Real-time monitoring of copper ions-induced cytotoxicity by EIS cell chips.
    Biosensors and Bioelectronics 25(12), 2711–2716.
  3. Elisabetta Primiceri, Maria Serana Chiriaco, Rodica Eléna Ionescu, Eliana D'amone, Roberto Cingolani, Ross Rinaldi, Giuseppe Maruccio,
    Development of EIS cell chips and their application for cell analysis.
    Microelectronic engineering 86, 1477–1480.

Conference talks with no proceedings

  1. Rodica Eléna Ionescu, Elisabetta Primiceri, Nicole-Jaffrezic Renault, Serge Cosnier, Giuseppe Maruccio, Roberto Cingolani,
    Conductometric and EIS biosensors based-interdigitated microelectrodes for rapid and sensitive detection of enzymes (trypsin) and real-time monitoring of cell growth and their adhesion on (semi)-tansparent support.
    Première Journée Lyonnaise des Biomolecules, Lyon, June 2009.