Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Alma K. González-Alcalde, Miguel A. G. Mandujano, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Lo√Øc O. Le Cunff, Gilles Lerondel, Eugenio R. Mendez,
    Magnetic mirror metasurface based on the in-phase excitation of magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole resonances.
    Journal of Applied Physics 125(24), 243103.
    AIP, 2019.
  2. Nancy Rahbany, Wei Geng, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Sergio de la Cruz, Eugenio R. Mendez, Sylvain Blaize, Renaud Bachelot, Christophe Couteau,
    A concentric plasmonic platform for the efficient excitation of surface plasmon-polaritons.
    Plasmonics 11, 175–182.

Conference posters

  1. David E. Medina, Ana Luisa Aguayo, Eugenio R. Mendez, Karina Garay-Palmett, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Sergio de la Cruz,
    Interference effects in the diffraction of surface plasmons-polaritons.
    IV Symposium of Nanoscience and Nanomaterials, 23 -27 April, 2018, Ensenada B.C., Mexico.
  2. Sergio de la Cruz, Eugenio R. Méndez, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Demetrio Macias,
    Comparative study of the excitation of surface plasmon-polaritons with surface structures.
    Nanolight, Benasque, Spain.
  3. Sergio de la Cruz, Eugenio R. Mendez, Rafael Salas-Montiel,
    Interaction of surface plasmons-polaritons with rectangular grooves.
    Mexican Optics and Photonics Meeting 2013.
  4. Sergio de la Cruz, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Eugenio R. Méndez,
    Excitation and scattering of surface plasmon-polaritons by grooves and gratings.
    Part of 8th Ibero American Optics Meeting/11th Latin Ame- rican Meeting on Optics, Lasers, and Applications.