Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Sylvain Blaize, Felice Gesuele, Ilan Stefanon, Aurelien Bruyant, Gilles Lerondel, Pascal Royer, B. Martin, A. Morand, Pierre Benech, J.-M. Fedeli,
    Real-space observation of spectral degeneracy breaking in waveguide-coupled disk microresonator.
    Optics letters 35(19), 3168–3170.
  2. Chengxin Pang, Felice Gesuele, Aurelien Bruyant, Sylvain Blaize, Gilles Lerondel, Pascal Royer,
    Enhanced light coupling in sub-wavelength single-mode silicon on insulator waveguides.
    Optics Express 17(9), 6939–6945.
  3. Emiliano Descrovi, C Ricciardi, F Giorgis, Gilles Lerondel, Sylvain Blaize, Chengxin Pang, Renaud Bachelot, Pascal Royer, S Letteri, Felice Gesuele, P Maddalena, M Liscidini,
    Field localization and enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation in silicon-based microcavities.
    Optics Express 15(7), 4159–4167.

Proceedings articles indexed in international databases

  1. Felice Gesuele, V Mocella, P Dardano, L Moretti, Sylvain Blaize, Aurelien Bruyant, S Cabrini, A.S.P Chang, Gilles Lerondel,
    Light propagation and focusing in a silicon photonic crystal based negative index medium.
    10th International Conference on Near-field Optics, Nanophotonics and related techniques, Buenos Aires, September 2008, 1.
  2. E. Descrovi, C. Ricciardi, F. Giorgis, Gilles Lerondel, S. Lettieri, Felice Gesuele, P. Maddalena, M. Liscidini, L. C. Andreani,
    Field localization and enhanced harmonic conversion in Silicon-based periodic multilayers.
    PECS-VII: International Symposium on Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structures, Monterey - USA, Avril 2007, 1.