Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. David Dzsotjan, Benjamin Rousseaux, Hans R. Jauslin, Gérard Colas des Francs, Christophe Couteau, Stéphane Guérin,
    Mode-selective quantization and multimodal effective models for spherically layered systems.
    Physical Review A 94, 023818.
    APS, 2016.
  2. Benjamin Rousseaux, David Dzsotjan, Gérard Colas des Francs, Hans R. Jauslin, Christophe Couteau, Stéphane Guérin,
    Adiabatic passage mediated by plasmons: a route towards a decoherence-free quantum plasmonic platform.
    Physical Review B 93, 045422.
    Americal Physical Society, 2016.
  3. Xuan Zhou, Jérémie Wenger, Francesco N. Viscomi, Loïc Le Cunff, Jérémie Béal, Serguei Kochtcheev, Xuyong Yang, Gary P. Wiederrecht, Gérard Colas des Francs, Anu Singh Bisht, Safi Jradi, Roberto Caputo, Hilmi Volkan Demir, Richard D. Schaller, Jérôme Plain, Alexandre Vial, Xiao Wei Sun, Renaud Bachelot,
    Two-Color Single Hybrid Plasmonic Nanoemitters with Real Time Switchable Dominant Emission Wavelength.
    Nano Letters 15(11), 7458–7466.
    ACS, 2015.
  4. Xuan Zhou, Claire Deeb, Rémi Vincent, Thomas Lerond, Pierre-Michel Adam, Jérôme Plain, Gary P. Wiederrecht, Fabrice Charra, Céline Fiorini, Gérard Colas Des Francs, Olivier Soppera, Renaud Bachelot,
    Polarization-dependent fluorescence from an anisotropic gold/polymer hybrid nano-emitter.
    Applied Physics Letters 104, 023114.
  5. Stéphane Derom, Rémi Vincent, Alexandre Bouhelier, Gerard Colas des Francs,
    Resonance quality, radiative/ohmic losses and modal volume of Mie plasmons.
    Europhysics letters 98, 47008.
    iopscience, 2012.
  6. Gerard Colas des Francs, Stephane Derom, Rémi Vincent, Alexandre Bouhelier, Alain Dereux,
    Mie plasmons: modes volumes, quality factors and coupling strengths (Purcell factor) to a dipolar emitter.
    International Journal of Optics 2012, 175162.
    Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012.
  7. Jean-Claude Weeber, Anne-Laure Baudrion, Alexandre Bouhelier, Aurelien Bruyant, Gerard Colas Des Francs, Rachid Zia, Alain Dereux,
    Efficient surface plasmon field confinement in one-dimensional crystal line-defect waveguides.
    Applied physics letters 89(21), 211109–3.

Invited conference talks

  1. Rémi Vincent, Stéphane Derom, Gerard Colas des Francs,
    Dipolar and quadrupolar plasmon LASER modes for core-shell.
    META 12, 19-22 Avril 2012, Paris, France.

Proceedings articles indexed in international databases

  1. Xuan  Zhou, Gerard  Colas des Francs, Gary  Wiederrecht, Hilmi  Volkan Demir, Jerome  Plain, Xiao Wei  Sun, Renaud Bachelot,
    Two-color plasmonic hybrid nano-emitters: a new paradigm in hybrid plasmonics?.
    2016 MRS Spring Meeting. March 28-April 1, Phoenix (USA). Oral presentation.