Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Guillaume Altmeyer, Benoît Panicaud, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Mingchuan Wang, Arjen Roos, Richard Kerner,
    Viscoelasticity behavior for finite deformations, using a consistent hypoelastic model based on Rivlin materials.
    Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 1–18.
  2. Benoît Panicaud, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Guillaume Altmeyer, Mingchuan Wang, Richard Kerner, Arjen Roos, O. Ameline,
    Consistent hypo-elastic behavior using the four-dimensional formalism of differential geometry.
    Acta Mechanica 227(3), 651–675.
  3. Guillaume Altmeyer, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Benoît Panicaud, Arjen Roos, Richard Kerner, Mingchuan Wang,
    Viscoelastic models with consistent hypoelasticity for fluids undergoing finite deformations.
    Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials 19(3), 375–395.

Conference talks with no proceedings

  1. Guillaume Altmeyer, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Benoit Panicaud, Mingchuan Wang, Richard Kerner, Arjen Roos,
    Viscoelasticity modeling in finite transformations using Lie derivative. Application to Maxwell time models..
    24th International Workshop on Computational Micromechanics of Materials (IWCMM24), Madrid, Spain,.
  2. Emmanuelle Rouhaud, O. Ameline, Guillaume Altmeyer, Benoit Panicaud, Mingchuan Wang, Arjen Roos, Richard Kerner,
    Construction of frame-indifferent constitutive models for viscoelastic materials undergoing finite transformations with the four-dimensional formalism of the theory of relativity.
    9th International Conference on the Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials (MTDM), Montréal.

Conference posters

  1. Mingchuan Wang, Benoit Panicaud, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Guillaume Altmeyer, Richard Kerner, Arjen Roos,
    Incremental constitutive equation for elastoplasticity in finite transformations using a four-dimensional formalism..
    Multi-Physics modeling of solids (MPMS) Palaiseau, France.