Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Julia Fulmes, Christian Schäfer, Dieter P Kern, Pierre-Michel Adam, Monika Fleischer,
    Relative spectral tuning of the vertical versus base modes in plasmonic nanocones.
    Nanotechnology 30(41), 415201.
    IOP, 2019.
  2. Julia Fulmes, Dominik A Gollmer, Sebsatian Jäger, Christian Schäfer, Andreas Horrer, Dai Zhang, Pierre-Michel Adam, Alfred J Meixner, Dieter P Kern, Monika Fleischer,
    Mapping the electric field distribution of tightly focused cylindrical vector beams with gold nanorings.
    Optics Express 26(12), 14982–14998.

Conference talks with no proceedings

  1. Monika Fleischer, Julia Fulmes, Christian Schafer, Dieter Kern, Mikael Renault, Anne-Laure Baudrion, Pierre-Michel Adam,
    Distinction between horizontal and vertical plasmonic modes in 3D nanostructures.
    German Physics Society (DPG) Spring Meeting, Mars 2014.
  2. Monika Fleischer, Julia Fulmes, Christian Schafer, Dieter Kern, Anne-Laure Baudrion, Mikael Renault, Pierre-Michel Adam,
    Polarization- and angle-resolved plasmonic mode analysis of gold nanocones with different aspect ratios.
    39th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering, Londres (Royaume-Uni), 16 – 19 September 2013.

Conference posters

  1. Andreas Horrer, Rana Nicolas, Julia Fulmes, Fang Dai, Jiyong Wang, Dai Zhang, Thomas Maurer, Anne-Laure Baudrion, Monika Fleischer, Pierre-Michel Adam,
    Investigation of coupling effects in multi-component plasmonic nanostructures for biochemical applications.
    2nd Annual Conference on Optical Nanospectroscopy, Dublin, March, 18-20, 2015.