Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Nabil Mahi, Gaetan Leveque, Ophélie Saison-Francioso, Joseph Marae-Djouda, Roberto Caputo, Arthur Gontier, Pierre-Michel Adam, Thomas Maurer, Benamar Bouhafs, Abdellatif Akjouj,
    In-depth Investigation of Lattice Plasmon Modes in Substrate-Supported Gratings of Metal Monomers and Dimers.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 21(4), 2388–2401.
  2. Joseph Marae-Djouda, Roberto Caputo, Nabil Mahi, Gaëtan Lévêque, Abdellatif Akjouj, Pierre-Michel Adam, Thomas Maurer,
    Angular Plasmon Response of Gold Nanoparticles Arrays: Approaching the Rayleigh Limit.
    Nanophotonics 6(1).
    De Gruyter, 2017.

Invited conference talks

  1. Roberto Caputo, Joseph Marae-Djouda, Gaëtan Lévêque, Nabil Mahi, Abdellatif Akjouj, Pierre-Michel Adam and Thomas Maurer,
    From Random to Periodic: Perspectives in Plasmomechanics.
    Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology (EMN) Meeting on Light-Matter Interactions, Singapore.