Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Prima Dewi Sinawang, Varun Rai, Rodica Elena Ionescu, Robert Steven Marks,
    Electrochemical Lateral Flow Immunosensor for Detection and Quantification of Dengue NS1 Protein.
    Biosensors and Bioelectronics 77, 400–408.

Conference talks with no proceedings

  1. Varun Rai, Mandi Han, Prima Sinawang, Evgeni Eltzov, Rodica Elena Ionescu, Robert Steven Marks,
    Bughunter: electrochemical lateral flow immunosensor detection of bacterial contamination.
    Industry day-innovative solutions to energy and water, Singapore, CREATE, Novembre. 28.

Other productions

  1. Robert Steven Marks, Rodica Elena Ionescu, Varun Rai, Mandi Han, Iva Kuznetsova, Indra Susanto, Prima Devi Snawang, Adarina Low Yuen Kei,
    Dengue detector with possible prediction for severe dengue hemorrhagic fever.
    Inaugural Pitch Perfect – the Highlight of Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2014, August 4th, Singapore.