Peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in international databases

  1. Julien Guibourdenche, Jacqueline Vacherand-Revel, Myriam Fréjus, Yvon Haradji,
    Analyse de contextes d’activité domestique pour la conception de systmes diffus énergétiquement efficients.
    @ctivités 12(1), 46–69.

Proceedings articles indexed in international databases

  1. Julien Guibourdenche, Pascal Salembier, Germain Poizat, Yvon Haradji, Mariane Galbat,
    A Contextual Approach to Home Energy Management Systems Automation in Daily Practices.
    Proceedings of European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE 2015), 1 – 3 July 2015, Warsaw, Poland.
    ACM, 2015.
  2. Julien Guibourdenche, Jacqueline Vacherand-Revel, Michèle Grosjean, Myriam Fréjus, Yvon Haradji,
    Using Multiple Scores for Transcribing the Distributed Activities of a Family.
    ACM International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work “CSCW’11”, Hangzhou, China., 637–640.
    ACM, 2011.
  3. Pascal Salembier, Julie Dugdale, Myriam Frejus, Yvon Haradji,
    A descriptive model of contextual activities for the design of domestic situations.
    ECCE 2009, Helsinki, September 2009, 7.
    ACM, 2009.

Conference talks with no proceedings

  1. Julien Guibourdenche, Pascal Salembier, Yvon Haradji, Germain Poizat,
    CSCW & Francophone Ergonomics (Part 2): Individual-collective approach and Design-oriented models.
    Workshop on The European Tradition of Field Studies, COOP'2014, 27 May, Nice.

Scientific books (or chapters)

  1. Julien Guibourdenche, Céline Poret, Germain Poizat, Florence Motté, Yvon Haradji, Pascal Salembier, Mariane Galbat,
    Sustainable Development and Energy Systems Design: Issues and Perspectives from a Francophone Activity–Centered Approach.
    Human Factors for Sustainability, 329‑357.
    Taylor & Francis, 2019.