Xinghang Dai,
Cooperative knowledge discovery from cooperative activity : application on design projects
Université de technologie de Troyes
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Modern design projects tend to be more and more complex and multi-disciplinary in terms of both organization and process. Knowledge management enables a company to reuse its experience in order to improve organizational learning. Several knowledge engineering methods are defined to obtain expert knowledge. However, no knowledge approaches have succeeded to extract cooperative knowledge due to its particular features: cooperative knowledge is produced in cooperative activities; no single actor can claim to explain globally the cooperative activity with no personal bias. How can we reuse cooperative design project knowledge is the new challenge. In my thesis “knowledge discovery from cooperative activities, application on design projects”, the term “knowledge discovery” is redefined according to knowledge engineering approaches, and guided by the spirit of knowledge management. The nature of cooperative knowledge is studied and a novel approach of classification is proposed to discover knowledge from cooperative activities, and it is further elaborated in the context of design projects, examples on software engineering, eco-design and mechanical design are demonstrated.