Thomas Martine,
Les modèles de régulation hybrides des wikis d'entreprise (le cas de l'Andra)
Université de technologie de Troyes
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The success of Wikipedia has inspired many experiments. Software solutions, similar to the one which Wikipedia is based on, have been installed in diverse companies so as to facilitate collaborative work. While being moved into the company, Wikipedia's regulation principles have been modified so as to meet the ones of the company. This thesis asks three questions: 1) what is the hybrid regulation model of corporate wikis? 2) Why doesn't it manage to work? 3) Why are wikis nevertheless still being used in the companies? In order to answer these questions, it relates the hybrid model of document space which has been designed and tested within the research partnership between the University of Technology of Troyes and the National Agency for Nuclear Waste Management (Andra). This model is based on two levels of regulation: (i) a regulation by task predefinition, inspired by Andra's process, (ii) a regulation by discussion, inspired by Wikipedia's one. This model, however, doesn t manage to work for the regulation by discussion is incompatible with Andra's organization principle that consists in maximizing the time that each agent spends on fulfilling individual tasks. This failure, however, doesn t lead to abandon the wiki for the hypertext structure of the wiki enables the users to facilitate the navigation within document collections. The thesis ends with a discussion of the representativeness of the case studied.