Kpotissan Adjetey-Bahun, Jean-Luc Planchet, Babiga Birregah, Eric Châtelet,
Railway transportation system’s resilience : integration of operating conditions into topological indicators
IEEE/IFIP Urban Mobility & Intelligent Transportation Systems (UMITS),Turkey, April, 25-29
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When assessing the robustness, vulnerability or resilience of transportation networks, topological performance indicators of the considered network are often used. Approaches that integrate operating conditions and organisational aspects are sorely lacking in the literature. In this paper, mass railway transportation network's performance indicators that take into account the operating conditions of the system are presented. Time-varying graph is used to formalise these performance indicators. An application to Paris railway transportation system is performed in this paper. We also compare these operating-conditions dependent indicators with the topological indicators of the studied network. This study shows that without perturbation, topological and operating-conditions based indicators give quite the same results. During perturbations, interdependencies and passager flow within the network make topological indicators less efficient. Nevertheless, topological indicators reveal the relevance of some railway transportation system's components that are also relevant to operating-conditions based indicators. In term of operating-conditions based indicators, they reveal some components that are not topologically relevant but which become relevant when we take operating conditions into account.