Philippe Lacour, Any Freitas, Aurélien Bénel, Diana Zambon, Franck Eyraud,
TraduXio: a Collaborative Platform for Multilingual Translation
Proceedings of the International Conference on "Translation and the accomodation of diversity", 22-24 November 2011, Lorient
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In this paper, we explore an alternative conception of linguistic diversity and propose an alternative way to tackle it. This paper is structured in two parts. In a first moment, we claim that instead of a ‘problem’ which needs to be ‘solved’ and/or reduced, linguistic diversity is actually a value that should be cherished and furthered. We claim that contemporary Digital Humanities offer the possibility to harness the power of collaboration to help communities of scholars dedicating themselves to the precise translation of cultural texts. In the second part of this paper, we present an open source Platform which is dedicated specifically to this goal. Traduxio’s originality is manifold: it goes beyond the language-pair system, allows for precise suggestions and uses collaborative device. In conclusion, the paper stresses the educational potential of such a virtual electronic environment.