Malek Alaoui, Myriam Lewkowicz, Ahmed Seffah,
Designing Interactive TV Services to Improve Elderly Social Experiences
Proceedings of INTERACT 2011 Workshop: Promoting an supporting healthy living by design
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Ageing is all about physical and cognitive frailty concerns that have an impact on autonomy and dependency. To maintain elderly with disabilities at home as long as possible, several research initiatives focused mainly on the development of a variety of assistive technologies. Few studies have been conducted on the need for social relationships. Indeed, in a recent study, have showed that the lack of social relationships influences the risk of mortality of ageing people. In this paper, we describe through a case study the initial steps within the AAL project FoSIBLE (Fostering Social Interactions for a Better Life of the Elderly). Established user centered methods are used for developing innovative social services accessible via Interactive TV-based user interface for elderly. Knowing who elderly people are, what are their behaviours and psychological characteristics, how do they communicate and interact, is the first stage in designing efficient and useful services dedicated to support their sociability.